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Maverick 45 cap gun special black plating and swirl grips NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN

Special black plated Maverick 45 with pearl and gray swirl grips Wild West Toys MAVERICK 45 - THIS IS A VERY LARGE INTRICATE CAP PISTOL A BIT DIFFICULT TO LOAD ! IT IS NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN ! $59.95 - MADE IN U.S.A.  DIECAST METAL - LARGE CAP GUN 11 Inches Long . This cap gun is really a lot like a replica old west gun ! ( USES OUR # C6 or our CA6 MAVERICK - MARSHAL PAPER ROUND CAPS  CAPS LOAD ON THE BACK OF EACH METAL DIECAST BULLET . BULLETS LOAD INTO CYLINDER . WHEN TRIGGER IS SQUEEZED CYLINDER ROTATES AND HAMMER POPS EACH CAP.  Mechanisim will not function without bullets in cylinder !     ( CAPS NOT INCLUDED ) Small parts could be a choking Hazard to small children .... (we only have a few of these) ... 1 to 10 MECHANISM TOUGHNESS RATING - 8    Made by Wild West Toys , Cap gun assembled with screws so is fully repairable . If you have a Maverick 45 and need replacement parts we do have them for sale !  MAVERICK 45 COMES WITH 6 BULLETS ! THE FANNING HAMMER TIP IS THIN AND COULD BREAK OFF IF THE MAVERICK 45 IS DROPPED - AGAIN THIS IS NOT FOR A SMALL CHILD ! THE MECHANISIM IS TOUGHER THEN IMPORTS BUT NOT AS TOUGH AS OUR OTHER USA MADE CAP GUNS ! WE REALLY RECOMMEND THIS NOT BE PURCHASED FOR ANYONE UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE ! THIS CAP GUN WILL NOT HANDLE THE ROUGH HANDLING A SMALL CHILD WOULD MOST LIKLEY PUT IT THROUGH!



Price: $75.95


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