MONTANA short barrel Bronco 44 cap gun RELIC SERIES

MONTANA short barrel BRONCO 44 . SHORT BARREL MODEL RELIC SERIES No Shiny Plating , Antique look . BLUE STEER HEAD GRIPS 9 1/2 INCH CAP GUN $39.95 DIECAST METAL MADE IN U.S.A. FIRES 50 or 100 SHOT PAPER ROLL CAPS The Bronco 44 is the Toughest cap gun in the world by far ! To see more info on our Bronco 44 cap guns click here Bronco 44 ....... 1 to 10 DURABILITY RATING - 9  Made by Wild West Toys , Cap gun assembled with screws so is fully repairable . THIS CAP GUN USES OUR C 100 Two packs of cap gun 100 SHOT PAPER ROLL CAPS.

Price: $39.95


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