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Toy Guns Contact & Shipping & Return Information

We are a small family business we ship out once a week . WE CHARGE A FLAT RATE OF $10.00 SHIPPING PER ORDER SO THE MORE YOU ORDER AT A TIME THE MORE YOU SAVE! IF YOU NEED AN ORDER IN A HURRY PLEASE BE INFORMED . We build most all of the American made toys we carry and we stay very busy so if you order USA made toys from us please allow 2 - 2  1/2 weeks for delivery .  Please note: We have a minimum order amount of $10.00 for mail out orders  ! Our store located at 106 west main Azle Texas is now closed! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT ANY OF THE PRODUCTS PLEASE EMAIL US AT wildwesttoys(at)aol(dot)com........ RETURNS ....... ANY RETURNS OR REPAIRS MUST BE SHIPPED TO US USPS P.O. BOX 1341 AZLE TEXAS 76098 - WE DESCRIBE ITEMS AS BEST WE CAN & WE TEST EVERY ITEM SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE IT IS SHIPPED OUT - YOU MAY RETURN ANY UNDAMAGED & UNUSED ITEM FOR A REFUND EXCLUDING SHIPPING COSTS & a $10.00 restocking fee .   Caps are not included free in with an order . If you want caps you must order them ! As stated before we are a small family business we do not send out shipping confirmations or notifications this would take extra time and hold up orders. If you have questions about your order please call Tuesday - Friday 10:30 am to 5:00 pm central time 817-444-4320.




NOTICE: Our Toy Guns Have The orange Plugs,  IT IS FEDERAL LAW ! .  WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.A. ..... ( California residents ) any toy or cap guns colored black, silver or otherwise outlawed by California can not be shipped to you . Unless it is to be used in a theatrical production of some kind or if it is for collectors purposes . ------- New York State - we cannot ship any toy guns to you unless it is for a theatrical production of some kind - So if you are in California or New York please only order if it is legal to send the toys to you ! . ------- SomberTown - we cannot ship any toys to you because the Bergermeister Meisterburger has posted TOYS are Hereby Declared - ILLEGAL , IMMORAL , UNLAWFUL anyone Found with a Toy in his Possession will be placed under ARREST and Thrown in the DUNGEON - NO KIDDING   Meister Burger   Please check with your City and State for any laws concerning toy guns. THANKS AND HAPPY TRAILS.....WWT .